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At-Home Session Guide

Tried & true tips that will help create the

at-home session of your dreams

1. A Simplified Space

You're a busy mama, so don't go overboard tidying up - but tucking a few things away beforehand can help to create a timeless backdrop.

2. Curtain Call

Photography loves light! Opening the curtains before our session will invite all the beautiful natural light in, making for brighter & clearer photos.

3. Happy Feet

For a relaxed & natural look, I love bare feet for everyone in the fam. Knitted socks are cute, too.

4. Make Memories

Some of my favorite photos are those taken candidly. To inspire togetherness, you can set aside your child's favorite book, or get out a simple snack, like popcorn; the magic will unfold on camera as your family enjoys "the little things"!

5. Keepsakes

Family keepsakes deserve a spot in your gallery, too. Think about any special items you might like captured and I'll photograph them during any snack breaks, outfit changes, or diaper changes. Examples might include: newborn accessories, an heirloom item, or baby jewelry.

6. Relax & Enjoy

Your home is your safe place. Thank you for inviting me in! Relax, have fun, be silly, get loud ~ and trust that if you are authentically yourselves, the memories I capture will be absolutely perfect.

I hope this helps you to feel prepared for your at-home session.

I am excited to create memories with you!

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