At-Home Session Guide

Preparing for an At-Home Session

1. Simplify

Before your session, try to spend a couple minutes tidying the space. You're a busy mama, so don't go overboard - my camera has no idea if your carpets are clean! But some quick tidying will help create a timeless backdrop. 

2. Happy Feet

For the most relaxed look, I suggest bare feet at home. And the perk? You won't be troubled to find the perfect shoes for each outfit.

3. Make Memories

In addition to posed portraits, you might also want to have photographs of your children enjoying their favorite activities at this stage. So set aside their favorite book to read, or get out that big bowl of popcorn you always enjoy together, and watch the magic unfold on camera as your family enjoys "the little things"!

4. Collect Keepsakes

Your family keepsakes deserve to be photographed! Think about any special items you might like captured and I'll photograph them during snack breaks, outfit changes, or diaper changes! Examples might include: a baby shower invitation, newborn accessories, an heirloom outfit, or sterling silver baby spoons, bracelets, etc.

5. Relax & Enjoy

Your home is your safe place. Thank you for inviting me in! Relax, have fun, be silly, get loud ~ and trust that if you are authentically yourselves, the memories I capture will be absolutely perfect.

I hope this helps you to feel prepared for your at-home session.

I can't wait to create memories with you!