At-Home Session Guide

Preparing for Your At-Home Session

Look for the Light

Natural light is a must for at-home portraits. If your rooms have one or two larger windows with sunlight filtering in, or more of an open floor plan, then your home is probably a great location for a lifestyle photo session! We will also want to photograph in rooms that are painted in a neutral color, like beige or white,  as paint colors like green or red can cast unwanted tones onto the skin. Sending pictures ahead of time will help me determine the best time of day, and in which rooms, to photograph. 

Hide the Amazon Boxes!

We can move necessary things around when I get there, but before your session, try to spend just a couple minutes decluttering the rooms we will photograph in and tucking away things you don't typically have out. This will result in a less distracting (and more timeless!) backdrop.

Happy Feet

For a relaxed, at-home look, I suggest bare feet over shoes or even socks. Trust me on this one! (The perk? You won't be troubled to find the perfect shoes for each outfit!)

Set Aside Activities

If we're doing a session with kids aged-one and older, you can pick out a couple of activities that you would naturally do together. It could be something simple like reading a book together, or something more involved, like baking. Having one or two activities planned before I arrive will help me to capture your family in a natural state and will create those precious, candid photos we all love.

Collect Keepsakes

I love family keepsakes & they inspire me during our shoot! Please think about any special keepsakes you might like photographed and take some time collecting them before our session. Examples might include a baby shower invitation suite, a newborn outfit, special hand-me-downs, or baby jewelry. I particularly like to have these set aside to photograph for moments when baby needs nursing or changing, kids need a snack break, or when you want to do an outfit change. 

I hope this helps you to feel prepared for your at-home session.

I can't wait to create memories with you!