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Hi!, I'm Emily.

Germany 2021-40_edited.jpg

I am so happy that you're here. Since I was a little girl. I have found fewer things more valuable than a family photograph. I recall thumbing through my mother's photo albums and grandparents' old black-and-whites, treasuring each and every photo and the story behind it. I love providing families with timeless heirlooms of them loving one another, creating memories.

I love to capture your family as you would naturally interact -- occasional posing and directing to compose the best possible image, but most importantly just capturing your love. That's it! Love, light, and my lens. That's all we need. My goal is to capture your happiness in the most natural, beautiful way, and to create an artistic piece of you that your family will cherish for years.

"...I find few things more valuable than a photograph..." 

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