Meet Emily

As a junior in college, I bought my first professional camera with a coaching salary and began photographing with it every place I went -- often subjecting it to sand at the beach, snow, and an occasional spill of rosé. In a time of flip phones and point-and shoot cameras, I got all the looks taking my clunky DSLR to restaurants and football games; but now, ten years later, I have an unending passion for capturing beauty, along with thousands of images from my twenties that I treasure more than anything else I own. I find few things more valuable than a photograph, which is why I began Emily Engler Photography. I love providing families with timeless heirlooms of them looking their best.

"I find few things more valuable

than a family photograph." 

My photography style is classic, joyful, and documentary; I capture families and couple as they naturally interact -- occasional posing and directing to compose the best possible image. I love the fine details and I like to tell a story. My goal is to capture your happiness in the most natural, beautiful way, and to create an artistic piece of "you" that your family will cherish for years.

Let's create something beautiful together.