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Portrait Session Styling Tips

Tips to consider when choosing your wardrobe

Start With a Color Palette

Ladies, I recommend starting with your outfit first! Pick something you feel great wearing, like a beautiful dress or statement piece. Rent the Runway can be a great option when trying something new! Then, choose outfits in shades that coordinate with yours. Neutral, muted tones are timeless, here's a perk -- they will likely match your home decor in any room once photos are framed! I recommend choosing one or two main colors and adding different shades + patterns for interest. Try to avoid repeating the exact same color so that no one's body blends into another.

Consider Location 

When choosing colors, consider the location. If we're photographing at a location with lots of trees, then bright neutrals will help you and your family stand out against the background, (whereas black, navy, and dark denim could cause you to blend in). If we're photographing at your home, you can draw inspiration from your home's decor when picking your wardrobe!


Pattern Play

Try laying everyone's outfits out to see how they work together. One or two subtle patterns within your color palette can really help round out the look. Any two patterns don't need to be alike, either! Pattern-mixing is fun! 

Texture & Movement

Using fabrics like corduroy, satin, lace, and knits within your color palette add interest.  Flowy skirts, dresses, & wide-legged pants also photograph beautifully because of their softness. Longer skirts are great because they allow moms to be comfortable and active during the session.

Feel Free to Get Fancy - or Not!

Your family's love for each other will shine through whether you're dressed to the nines or barefoot in denim. Prior to your session, we will create a vision for your family photos centered around what your family is all about. Most importantly, you will want to wear what you all feel your best in!

Brands I Love

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Maternity & Postpartum: Nothing Fits But, Sleeper

Dresses: Rent the RunwayEnglish FactoryRiver IslandReformation, ASTR

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